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    The answer to your question is delivered by the tutor in the form of plain text or file attachment within the agreed deadline.

    It is the simplest and fastest way to get expert help with your homework questions, problems or concerns.

  • Option 2:

    Video tutorial

    online tutoring services

    A brand-new tutoring option that allows you to receive the answer to your question in the form of a video file that the tutor records for you using our interactive virtual whiteboard technology.

    Watch it any time and any place you want!

  • Option 3:

    Online session

    private tutoring services

    A scheduled class that takes place in our interactive online classroom equipped with innovative whiteboard technology, voice chat and file-sharing features.

    You can choose the most suitable time for a session from your favorite tutor's available hours!

  • How it works


    A wide range of tutoring options allows us to meet all our students' needs by optimizing and individualizing their learning experience!

    Fill in the short form, wait for tutors to reply and offer their services and choose the tutoring option that will work best for you!

Do you lack knowledge on a challenging subject? Be helped by an experienced online tutor right now!

We are working to create a great learning experience for you. Eduboard ensures better grades and career opportunities for students by providing high quality tutoring, homework help and test prep services. Get expert online help with the most challenging subject right now!

Key Features

  • 1 problem -
    3 options

    We offer quick and clear answers to your questions. Fill in the short form and give a detailed description of the problem, then choose the tutor you like based on the price and decide, which tutoring option will work best for you.

  • Fast and Relevant Solutions Anytime

    Seek quick and clear answers to any last-minute question. Get timely help at your first request. Receive high quality online tutoring assistance whenever and wherever you need. Sunday through Saturday, we work to make your learning experience awesome!

  • Expertly Tailored Homework Help

    Whatever question or problem you have, our experienced tutors will help you work it out. We do not simply provide our students with ready-to-go answers but make sure they understand the solution and can effectively cope with similar tasks on their own.

  • Quality and Professionalism

    We carefully interview new tutors and check their qualifications before offering them a tutoring position at Eduboard. We have to be sure that our students feel comfortable working with a particular tutor and get the best help possible!

  • One-On-one Tutoring Help

    We tailor our services individually to provide our students with a unique learning experience. Every student at Eduboard receives help that is customized to his or her needs. Eduboard online tutoring service meets your best expectations!

  • Choose Prices Yourself

    We care to make our services available to all students that is why we provide quality tutoring help at an extremely affordable price. We do not ask our students for a long-term commitment. If you feel like using the service once in a while, we are OK with it too!

  • Wide Range of Subjects

    At Eduboard, you can seek assistance in as many as 32 subjects ranging from K-12 to grad school. Our tutors will help you with your school homework or college assignments, provide timely test prep tips and offer expert advice with your AP courses.

  • Interactive Learning Tools

    Interactive technology makes learning effective and fun. Our virtual classroom is equipped with a whiteboard, text- and voice-chat, in-built formula editor, and file sharing tools that allow students to get the most out of every session.

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This platform offers you more than just instant answers, but a smart way to progress your learning and, what is more important, enjoy the learning itself. Eduboard team implements modern techniques and methods, as well as individual approach, interactivity, flexible tutoring system and Whiteboard online teaching facilities to make your learning experience unforgettable.

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