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Key Features

  • Full information about the school

    Get inside-out school information – location, institution type, majors, niche grades, faculty info, available online programs, etc.

  • Fast and Relevant Search Anytime

    Customize college criteria search to find schools that fit your requirements.

  • Verified Student Reviews

    Read verified student reviews about the college, subjects, faculty.

  • Quality and Professionalism

    Apply for admissions and get the all-round help to achieve positive outcome.

  • Become a student

    Calculate your admissions chances. Find out admissions details and application requirements.

  • Full information about the lifestyle

    Explore campus life details, life hacks, and recommendations from real students.

  • Other

    Find tons of other interesting and useful information about 5000+ schools!

  • Cost details

    Estimate college study and living costs.

Why EduBoard

College search made easy!

  • 5000+ colleges & universities
  • Admissions help & tools
  • Faculty and academics information
  • Study & life hacks for students
  • US, UK, Canada, and Australia
  • College reviews by verified students
  • Campus maps
  • Help for international students

EduBoard college finder has all you need to find all the necessary information and, eventually, make the right choice regarding your academic career. Search colleges by major and location in the US or abroad, calculate your chances of admission and the costs of studying, and then choose the school that's right for you! Finally, you can get personalized assistance and guidance in creating a viable action plan to become a student in your dream college!

The Question Is Not How to Find Colleges. The Question Is How to Find the Right College. And EduBoard Has All the Answers!

All of the EduBoard college finder features, practical uses, and benefits described above are designed to help you make informed, smart, and, hopefully, the right choice regarding your future academic career. You see, there are many things that can go south in case the decision you make isn't well-considered and thoroughly thought-out. Unrecoverable loss of time, regrettable loss of money, frustration and embarrassment while studying wrong stuff in the wrong place – it's not something you want to risk experiencing. Of course, you can change a college at some point, but why not make it all right from the very start? EduBoard is here to help you do just that!

Our college finder is your go-to website if:

  • You're not getting the guidance you need from school counselors regarding your higher education options and don't understand how to select a college that's right for you.
  • You think for a few years ahead and wonder, "What college is for me, what should I expect from it?"
  • You still haven't created the prioritized list of colleges and universities you'd like to enter.
  • You didn't develop a step-by-step plan of getting into your dream school – and a backup plan, too.
  • You keep asking yourself, "What college could I get into?", don't understand your real chances of becoming a student, and have no idea of how to improve them.
  • Don't know where to look for support and expert advice about getting through the admissions process, including writing application essays.
  • You're a parent trying to help their kid pick the best college and navigate through the twists and turns of the admissions.

We agree that college life should be an adventure; but college search and choice shouldn't. EduBoard empowers you to solve all of the above-mentioned pain points and make the sane, knowledge-based decision that would lay the foundation for a bright and enjoyable academic future!

Search Colleges by Major, Location, Recommendations and Plan Your Path

EduBoard's free online college search directory covers over 5000 higher education institutions in the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other English-speaking regions. To keep the information about all of them up to date, we combine a unique automatic data acquisition and processing system; monthly data actualization by schools themselves; and manual control by the team of EduBoard managers and moderators. You can browse our database and use multiple search filters to find colleges and universities according to your specific requirements – and get the most relevant results. The EduBoard college searcher has over a dozen parameters you can tune, including but not limited to:

  • School type & size
  • Location
  • General area of study & specific major
  • Test scores & selectivity
  • Costs
  • Online degrees availability
  • Admissions peculiarities
  • Real student reviews
    and so many more!

Set your criteria and in just several moments, get the list of the best-suited schools in line with your capabilities, scores, major, and other specifications. Look through the detailed college information, admissions procedures, and first-hand feedback from verified students – and decide whether this particular school is good enough and within your reach. Hence, if you're asking yourself, "Where can I find all the info to help me choose a college near me with a specific major, great teachers, campus, and adequate prices?" – EduBoard is the answer.

That said, unlike the majority of other college research sites, EduBoard does not limit its services to informational support only. Create and store a resume, cover letters, application essays in your personal EduBoard account, use admissions planning tools to figure out the next step, and apply to selected schools in just a couple of clicks! In the end, we help you match colleges to your interests and enhance your chances of getting accepted.

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